2.2. Registering mobile handsets to the DECT base

During the final step, you must register the mobile handset to the base. This is done using the menu of your Panasonic mobile handset.

  1. To do so, open the main menu of your mobile handset.  (Joystick)
  2. Then select menu item “Initial Settings”.
  3. Next, select “Registration”.
  4. Now select “Register mobile handset”. 

Alternatively, instead of steps 1 to 4 you may also proceed as follows: 
Press the menu key  (Joystick)     .

5. On the DECT base press and hold  for approx. 4 seconds, then “OK” on the mobile handset.

The mobile handset now scans for the DECT base.

6. As the final step, you now need to enter the required access code. It is: “0000”.

Your Panasonic DECT mobile handset is now registered to the base.

Deleting registration of a mobile handset

A mobile handset  may delete its own registration stored in the base (or the registration for another mobile handset). This disconnects the mobile handset’s wireless connection to the system.

1. Press the menu key on your mobile handset  (Joystick) .

2. Enter the indicated code and OK to confirm.    

3.  : Select the desired device and then confirm with OK.  

4.  : Select “Yes” and confirm with OK.  

  • When deleting a mobile handset other than the one you are using, press  to end. If you no longer wish to use the mobile handset, please remember to also remove it from the service site.