8. Voicemail

Upon calling the mailbox, you have the following options:

"0" – Mailbox options  
"1" To record an “unavailable” announcement "4" To record a personal announcement
"2" To record a “busy” announcement "5" To change the mailbox password
"3" To record the name  

The following applies to the recording of all announcements:

"1" Accept

"*" Help

"2" Replay "#" End
"3" Rerecord  
"1" – Play messages  
"3" Previous message "8" Save message in a folder
‌"4" Repeat the current message ‌"*" Help or (during message playback) rewind
‌"5" Next message

"#" End or (during message playback) continue

‌"6" Delete the current message
‌"7" Forward message to another mailbox
"2" – Switch directory
‌"3” Advanced options  

"2" Return call

‌"1" Answer ‌"3" Additional information
‌Returning a call from voicemail: To return a call straight away after listening to a message, select “3” for Advanced options, then “2” for Return call. The telephone number is announced and the call connected.