2. Adding an extension

All telephones sent to you are preconfigured and connected to the telephone system. If you prefer to configure the devices yourself, please refer to the administration portal manual. 

Register handsets to the base:

This is done via the menu on your KIRK handset.

1.) Press “Menu” on your handset display.

2.) Then select menu item “Settings”.

3.) Next, select “Advanced...”.

4.) Now, select “Access”.

5.) Now, register your KIRK handset to the base using “Set up access”. Now, it scans for existing bases.

6.) Please select the respective base.

7.) Lastly, simply enter the required access code. It is: “9876“. (Depending on the Firware-version, the boxes ACD-data and user are required. In this case, please fill out both boxes with “9876”.)


Your KIRK handset is now registered to the base.

To cancel the registration of your handset to the base, you have to enter your password. The password for cancelling a registration is: “0000”.
To completely cancel the registration of the handset to the base, you also need to delete the device on the administration portal.