7. Voicemail

Initial set-up

When accessing the voicemail system’s voice menu for the first time, you should also set up your personal voicemail.


  1. Dial *791 (* code) to access your voicemail. This takes you to the voicemail system’s voice menu.
  2. Then select “0 Mailbox Options” to set up your voice mailbox
  3. Now press “1” to record a message in the event you are unavailable.
  4. Now record your message and press “#” to end the recording.
  5. Press “1” to accept the recording, “2” to replay the recording and “3” to rerecord.

For more information on deleating or deactivating voicemail services, please consult the administration portal manual.

Accessing your voicemail (voice menu)

Dial *791 to access your voicemail.

You can save the telephone number *791 in the phone book on your handset and then assign a speed dial to it.

Upon calling the mailbox, you have the following options:

"0" – Mailbox options  
"1" To record an “unavailable” announcement "4" To record a personal announcement
"2" To record a “busy” announcement "5" To change the mailbox password
"3" To record the name  

The following applies to the recording of all announcements:

"1" Accept "*" Help
"2" Replay "#" End
"3" Rerecord  
"1" – Play messages  
"3" Previous message "8" Save message in a folder
"4" Repeat the current message "*" Help or (during message playback) rewind
"5" Next message "#" End or (during message playback) continue
"6" Delete the current message  
"7" Forward message to another mailbox  
"2" – Switch directory  
"3” Advanced options "2" Return call
"1" Answer

"3" Additional information

Returning a call from voicemail: To return a call straight away after listening to a message, select “3” for Advanced options, then “2” for Return call. The telephone number is announced and the call connected.