1. User interface

Yealink W53H/W56H/W59R

Number Key‌Function
1 Receiver
2 Power LED indicatorindicates the call status, message status and charging status
3 Phone screen
4 Soft keysacess the function directly; depends on the operating situation
5 Message keyaccesses the voicemail or missed calls
6 Speakerphone key 
  • ‌switches between he receiver, headset and hands-free modes
  • answers an incoming call
  • places a call in the hands-free mode
7 Navigation keysscroll through information or options on the screen
8 OK keyconfirms actions or enters the main menu
9 On-hook key/power key 
  • returns to the previous screen (press briefly)

  • returns to the idle screen (long press)

  • turns the handset on (press)

  • turns the handset off

  • cancels actions or ends a call

  • rejects an incoming call

10 Off-hook key 
  • ‌answers an incoming call
  • enters the redial calls list
  • places a call in the receiver or headset mode
11 Keypad
12 TRAN keytransfers a call to another party
13 Mute keytoggles the mute feature on or off
14 Microphonepicks up audio
15 Speakeroutputs audio in the hands-free mode
16 3.5 mm headset jackconnects a standard 3.5 mm headset