4.2 Star codes (DTMF)

The star code for the activation of call forwarding profiles is *10 (followed by the profile number of the call forwarding profile. Find the profile number on the administration portal).

- e.g. to activate profile number 3, please dial *103.

By using star codes you can also activate dedicated call forwarding rules like *11NUMBER. If you do so, this rule will always be set for the default profile independently from which profile is active right now.

However, you will automatically activate the default profile, if you switch on a call forwarding rule via the star code.

- e.g.:

  • You have 3 profiles.
  • The active profile is profile #2
  • Dial *110049892343123
  • The rule ”always forward calls to 0049892343123“ will be set and the default profile will be activated.