1. Making a call

Making a call

In order to initiate a call, simply click on any of your favourites, call history or search result. In case you want to dial a specific number, open the dial pad and type the number you want to dial.

When in a call, you can

  1. See who you are in a call with and for how long
  2. Open the options for the call
  3. Mute the call
  4. Open the dial pad
  5. Select the audio output
  6. Add another call
  7. End a call
  8. Switch to GSM (if you have registered a mobile phone number)

Options in a call

If you tap the options button (2 in the previous image), you can 

  1. Switch to a video call
  2. Hold the call
  3. Transfer the call
  4. End the call