3. History & Voicemail


The History tab shows a list of recent calls. The call history is updated automatically; however, you can manually update it by swiping from top to bottom.

In this view, you can 

  1. Switch to Missed calles
  2. Switch to Voicemails
  3. Edit the calls (delete all or select some calls and then delete them). You can also delete a specific call by swiping across the call entry from right to left. It is also possible to delete a call entry if you click on the info button or the arrow symbol on the right; the Delete entry option is shown then.
  4. See incoming calls (no symbol)
  5. See missed calls (in red)
  6. See outgoing calls (upwards-pointing arrow)
  7. See information about the caller and when the call was made
  8. See that the call has been transferred. If you click on the arrow, you can see who the call was transferred by.
  9. Switch to Favourites, Search, Dial pad or Settings tabs


In the Voicemeils tab, you see the list of the voicemails. 

In this view, you can

  1. See who left the voicemail and when
  2. Forward the voicemail per email (a Forwarding window appears)
  3. Delete the voicemail
  4. Turn on the loudspeaker
  5. Play the voicemail
  6. Call the person who left the voicemail
  7. Edit the voicemails (delete all or select some voicemails and then delete them)