2.2. Conferences

In this view, you can

  • join a subscribed conference (by calling the conference and entering the pin),
  • subscribe to a conference
  • and see detailed information about the conference.


In the Conferences view, you can

  1. Switch to Favourites
  2. Subscribe to a conference
  3. See detailed information about a conference
  4. Switch to History, Search, Dial pad or Settings tabs

Subscribing to a conference

To subscribe to a conference, you will need to

1. Tap on the plus symbol in the upper right-hand corner in the Conferences view.

2. Search for a conference.


3. Enter the PIN for the conference.

4. Tap on Subscribe.


Showing detailed information about a conference

If you click on the info button next to a conference name, you can see detailed information about a conference.

In this view, you can

  1. See the host
  2. See the active members of the conference
  3. See the internal and external phone numbers to dial into the conference
  4. See the host and participant PINs
  5. Unsubscribe from the conference
  6. Go back to the Conferences view