D. Activation process

Customer NFON

Project planning

Contact your sales contact in order to evaluate the possibilty to integrate Skype for Business in your PBX.

During the whole process you will be guided and assisted by our technical consultants who keep you informed about the current state of the project.

Receiving the first inquiry, the activation process is started. We will now evaluate whether all pre-requisites are met.

If all requirements are met, NFON starts to activate the Skype for Business installment.

Customer to-do list

- Configure your DNS entries according to our requirements.


- Validate the certification email you received from the certificate authority concerning your customer domaine.


- Set up one password per extension after receiving the email to do so.


- Install the Skype for Business client.

During the activation process you will receive multiple emails concerning the installation, certificates, and accounts.
Project completion

You can now start using Skype for Business in your company.

If all settings and requirements are done, the project will be checked one last time. We will inform you in time about the successful installment via email or telephone.