Expand your analogue infrastructure

New value for legacy technology

Ndaks Eco 100 expands the range of use of analogue sensors to increase security, safety and productivity.

Your analogue technical setup does not need to be replaced as you implement digitisation. Extending the useful life of analogue technology brings significant cost savings.

  • Fast installation, easy configuration
  • Low integration and operation costs
  • Maximum reliability, fault tolerance

Discover the benefits

Optimisation benefits

Ndaks Eco 100 optimises costs by extending the useful life of

legacy monitoring technology.

Fast setup

Minimal set-up time, preconfigured alarm scenarios and use cases, as you have better things to do.

Dependable technology

Reliable and fail-safe technology of Ndaks Eco 100 gives you long-term security and peace of mind.

Ndaks Eco 100 at a glance

Silent alarm

Activate security staff automatically with key

shortcuts or simply pushing an emergency button.

Sensor alerts

Sensors can quickly alert service staff, for example

when a malfunction sensor activates.

Rapid response

Concise instructions assist staff to address recurring tasks or escalate to the next service unit.

Status signals

Signals instantly inform production plant maintenance personnel of status changes or malfunctions.

Staff notifications

Service responsibility assurance with calls to remote personnel - phone, push of a button or sensor.

Application support

Third party applications supported including machine-to-machine alerts and monitor alerts.

Why you need Ndaks Eco 100

Need process monitoring?

Industrial producers can set up automatic actions such as ordering, alerting or trigger multi-level communication.

Need specific alarms?

Healthcare providers can classify specific alarm types to designated staff and design escalation processes.

Need digital workflows?

Keep your reliable two-wired infrastructure, integrate and optimise it into a digital workflow.

The NFON telephone system runs seamlessly and is also very cost attractive.


NFON has delivered a reliable, scalable platform that has enabled extra productivity whilst saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

London Borough of Hackney
Ndaks Eco Flyer

The simple integration of building services into intelligent communication processes.

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Ndaks Eco Whitepaper

Enables companies to integrate analogue infrastructure into digital workflows.

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