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4 Ways to Give Your Sales a Human Touch

30. May 2018

Your customers have free access to product information and are able to get an overview of alternatives completely independently. They know their requirements in detail and choose the right option in...

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8 Ways To Break Your Technology Addiction

24. May 2018

Let’s go back to the year 1996. A teenager has just been admitted to an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. Not only is his whole body shuddering, he’s whimpering and shaking uncontrollably. In...

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GDPR: Are You Ready for the New Standard in Data Protection? [Infographic]

23. May 2018

Ninety percent of consumers and 82 percent of data privacy professionals are convinced that the GDPR will have a positive impact on data protection. NFON has been at the forefront of data protection...

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What Is Human Individualisation in the Digital Age?

04. May 2018

With the dawn of new technologies and digital transformation there are now new ways to communicate both in the working world and your private life, there: Never before have you had so much freedom...

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Three Reasons GDPR Compliance for NFON Comes Naturally

02. May 2018

The EU’s decision to bring in a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a bitter pill for many European organisations to swallow. Few were prepared for how it would differ from the...

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Why Human Interaction Is Key To Improving Digital Communication

25. April 2018

Everyone in the digital communication space is talking about a people first approach. Organisations implement new technologies not simply because they exist, but because new technologies are bringing...

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Enjoying Success with Digital Transformation: Putting Human Experiences at the Centre

18. April 2018

“If you can’t beat them, join them” is what the famous chess player Kasparov declared after losing to a computer for the first time in his supreme discipline back in 1997. Instead of fearing the...

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3 Ways How Machines Make Us More Human and Improve Our Communication

17. April 2018

Any fan of the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror will know how exciting the symbiotic relationship between man and machine can be. One big open question is how artificial intelligence and machine...

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How We Stay in Control of Our Communication and Become More Productive at Work

05. April 2018

The digital universe is doubling every two years. Between 2010 and 2020, the volume of communication data is expected to have grown by a factor of 50. Put simply, we are exchanging information and...

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Soft Skill Number One: How To Find Your Own Communication Style

03. April 2018

Strong communication skills and your own communication style are a key requirement for almost every rewarding job nowadays. This soft skill is a must for very good reasons. Whether in virtual...

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