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Cloud’s ‘Project Fear’ Problem (and how to beat it!)

06. August 2018

There can be no dispute that cloud technology is a positive enabler for business. The evidence is everywhere. Organisations large and small are reaping the benefits of cloud applications and...

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The Holy Grail of Data Privacy: 4 Reasons Why GDPR Is Good for You (and Your Cloud Services)

31. July 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the fruit of half a decade of work by EU bodies and almost fifty years of European data protection. GDPR is more than just a new regulation; it is a...

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Made in Germany: Why Does Data Privacy Matter to You?

27. July 2018

With the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union has set a milestone that has attracted worldwide attention. However, Europe was a global pioneer in the field...

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How Millennials and Generation Z Are Changing Our Workplace

19. July 2018

Up to four generations under one roof: many organisations are currently realising the speed at which the generational mix in the workplace is changing. Whilst the first representatives of the post-war...

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3 Strategies for Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace

11. July 2018

Different generations, different ideas: with the rising dominance and entry of Gen Z into the work world, a lot is changing for managers, employees and the working culture as a whole. New colleagues...

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4 Reasons Why Generation Z Brings a Human Communication Style to the Workplace

10. July 2018

Generation Z has entered the labour market. Not only does this generation possess a smartphone and new skills, they also have a completely different value system to that of older colleagues. This has...

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3 Common Workplace Habits Millennials and Gen Z Will Eliminate

04. July 2018

The arrival of the next generation in our working world is in full swing. By 2025, Millennials will account for three quarters of the global workforce. At the same time, Gen Z, the first generation to...

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8 Tips to Optimise Your Productivity on Remote Work and Home Office Days

26. June 2018

Anyone who regularly works from home is very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely. On the one hand, you enjoy free time management and more focussed work. On the other,...

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Do You Email, Chat or Call: How You Can Be a Less Intrusive and More Productive Co-Worker

19. June 2018

Never before have you had such a wide range of communication tools at your workplace. You probably often ask yourself one of the following questions: Should I send my colleague an email? Or is it...

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How to Deliver a Human-Centric Customer Experience

06. June 2018

The creation of a perfect customer experience is a top priority for the majority of companies. Business gurus are all in unison: Companies that invest in the customer experience (CX) gain an...

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