Digital Transformation

What Is Human Individualisation in the Digital Age?

04. May 2018

With the dawn of new technologies and digital transformation there are now new ways to communicate both in the working world and your private life, there: Never before have you had so much freedom...

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Enjoying Success with Digital Transformation: Putting Human Experiences at the Centre

18. April 2018

“If you can’t beat them, join them” is what the famous chess player Kasparov declared after losing to a computer for the first time in his supreme discipline back in 1997. Instead of fearing the...

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3 Ways How Machines Make Us More Human and Improve Our Communication

17. April 2018

Any fan of the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror will know how exciting the symbiotic relationship between man and machine can be. One big open question is how artificial intelligence and machine...

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26. January 2018

How will digital transformation impact communication?

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The world of work is truly changing. And today, we expect a cloud communications experience that helps us to...

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Contact Centers in the Future: 5 Bets for the Next 5 Years

29. September 2017

Digital transformation and a radical customer focus are giving contact centers a powerful boost. Traditionally, the role of call centers was to deal with customer problems as cost-effectively as...

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Digital Transformation – Are you ready? [Infographic]

18. August 2017

Building the Bridge to Digital Transformation

08. August 2017

Working every day at the market leader in cloud telephony, it would be easy to occupy a kind of la-la-land insulated from the real world happening outside. It is a trap we intend to avoid.

Our goal...

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Communications as a Service: Are You Ready for What’s Next in Cloud Tech?

12. June 2017

Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions have gained so much momentum in many European markets, that we can say now: Cloud services are the new norm. With more than 20 acquisitions over the past...

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Attracting and Retaining Talent: Why Organisations Must Actively Manage the Digital Transformation

30. March 2017

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way in which we work and live, yet many commercial and public sector organisations are choosing to ignore or put off the changes needed to...

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Digital Transformation – Nurturing the Human Touch in a World of Smart Machines and AI

09. March 2017

Do you keep on hearing how the use of technology made people lose their empathy and emotional intelligence and how how robots will steal all the jobs? To many, digital transformation is a synonym for...

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