4 Reasons Why Generation Z Brings a Human Communication Style to the Workplace

10. July 2018

Generation Z has entered the labour market. Not only does this generation possess a smartphone and new skills, they also have a completely different value system to that of older colleagues. This has...

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Do You Email, Chat or Call: How You Can Be a Less Intrusive and More Productive Co-Worker

19. June 2018

Never before have you had such a wide range of communication tools at your workplace. You probably often ask yourself one of the following questions: Should I send my colleague an email? Or is it...

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Why Human Interaction Is Key To Improving Digital Communication

25. April 2018

Everyone in the digital communication space is talking about a people first approach. Organisations implement new technologies not simply because they exist, but because new technologies are bringing...

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3 Ways How Machines Make Us More Human and Improve Our Communication

17. April 2018

Any fan of the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror will know how exciting the symbiotic relationship between man and machine can be. One big open question is how artificial intelligence and machine...

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How We Stay in Control of Our Communication and Become More Productive at Work

05. April 2018

The digital universe is doubling every two years. Between 2010 and 2020, the volume of communication data is expected to have grown by a factor of 50. Put simply, we are exchanging information and...

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Soft Skill Number One: How To Find Your Own Communication Style

03. April 2018

Strong communication skills and your own communication style are a key requirement for almost every rewarding job nowadays. This soft skill is a must for very good reasons. Whether in virtual...

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5 Psychological Theories that Make Us Better Communicators

26. March 2018

Our way of communicating with each other in person is perhaps the most human thing about us. We are surrounded by language every day and the fascination for it is reflected in disciplines like...

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12 Golden Rules for Making Better Business Phone Calls

08. March 2018

Hardly any other form of business communication is as effective as a phone call – it’s direct, personal and immediate. Yet many of us are still unsure how to maximise our business calls. In fact...

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Why a Phone Call is Worth 1000 Words: 5 Powerful Reasons

16. February 2018

In the digital age, the phone call often seems like a lacklustre means of communication. Unfortunately, we forget that in many situations voice communication is far more effective than other means. In...

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Do You Have the Freedom to Communicate Your Way?

05. February 2018

With the early stages of digital transformation, the way we communicate is undergoing rapid change. Whether we communicate using voice, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or social media posts – we...

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