D. Glossary of call types and call flows

Below is a glossary of terms used in the application:

Term Description
INC Incoming complete calls are calls that have been answered by anagent then completed. This record will show all the call informationincluding the total duration and the final extension the call ended on.
I/T Incoming transferred calls are calls that were picked up by anextension and then transferred to another extension.
I/U Incoming unanswered calls are calls that were hung up before beinganswered by an agent or answered by the auto attendant and thenhung up before being transferred to a group or extension.
INX Internal calls are calls that were made within the business from oneextension to another.
Bounced Bounced calls are incoming calls that come to an extension but arenot answered and therefore go to another extension until it isanswered or the opposite party hangs up.
OUT Outgoing calls are calls made out of the business to an externalnumber.
Target Answer Time This is a threshold period within which an agent must answer the callto achieve good customer service. The target answer time can be setin configuration > system settings > settings.
Grade of Service (GoS) Grade of Service is the total calls answered within the targetresponse time over total calls offered.
Percentage Calls Answered (PCA) Percentage of calls answered within the target response time overtotal calls answered for the day.
Caller Tolerance Caller Tolerance is the length of time a caller is prepared to wait fortheir call to be answered.
Missed Calls Missed calls are unanswered calls.
Unreturned Missed Calls Unreturned missed calls are unanswered calls that have not yet beenreturned. Once the call has been returned it will no longer appearon a report as unreturned missed.
Abandoned Calls An abandoned call is a call that is ended before any conversationoccurs, often because the caller is frustrated with the time on hold.