2. Logins

The logins section allows users to setup user accounts for the system. Throughout the system, user accounts provide access to the software Interface and define the level of access specific users have to the system.

There are 4 types of user:

1. Insight User: This user can access the Insight Console according to the specific groups that they belong to (e.g. departments, divisions, sites).

2. My Console User: This user can only view call information based on their own extension.

3. Restricted User: This user has access to all sections of the portal other than the Configuration Section. Access can be restricted however, so the user can only access analytics for users that are assigned to a specific reporting level(s).  A Restricted User can be permitted to play back call recordings (if the call recording module is active) for his assigned Levels by setting the Recording slider option to ‘Yes’.

4. Superuser: This user has full access to the portal.

Once logins have been created within the software, users will need to assign extensions to login roles to define access rights and supervisor types (groups).

The screen shot below illustrates a Restricted User with a selected department called ‘Sales’ and with The Recording slider set to ‘Yes’: