6.2. Applying Filters to Call Recordings

Filters may vary depending on the product purchased.

‘Filter’ is a very powerful tool that gives users the ability to narrow down the call recordings to meet their requirements.  After applying any filter, it is important to click on ‘Apply Filter’ to enable them to take effect.

Below are the filters options explained:

  • Date - Users can apply date or time filters to search for recordings on the specified date or time
  • User Settings – Users can click on ‘call with playback permissions’ to see only the calls they have permissions to listen to.  The results can also be limited to a certain number of call recordings (zero is for no limit).
  • Call Filter - This section can be used to narrow down the call recordings to a particular extension, number, DDI or call duration.
  • Call Direction – select incoming or outgoing calls.
  • Call Evaluation – select either evaluated or non-evaluated calls.
  • User Filters – Users can search for calls by a particular tag or flag.