6.1. Call recording player

The player has four tabs which are explained below:

Call Notes

  • Call Result – This dropdown can be used to give the current call a result, for example a complaint call
  • Customer Feedback –This dropdown can be used to give a feedback to the current call, for example abusive caller.
  • Call Flag- This dropdown can be used to flag a current call. There are three call flags, red, green and blue. These flags can be used to outline which calls are satisfactory calls and which are unsatisfactory.
  • Call Tag – This dropdown can be used to add a tag to specific call recording providing any brief information to the call if required.


Users can evaluate call recordings on the following sections and give a star out of 5 which can be available in the Call Evaluation reports.

  • Call handling
  • Technical knowledge
  • Call close
  • Other – cross selling and customer expectations


Users can email the recordings from this tab and have the option to enter the email address, subject and the message that can go with the recording.


Users can access this tab to see any call history for the current extension without having to exit the player screen.