6. Recordings

The call recordings section displays all recorded calls within the business.  Users are able to find, play, save, email and evaluate call recordings.  There are several filter options to choose from when finding a call, which are covered later in this document.

The call recordings screen displays the following stats in a tabular format:

  • Direction – the direction of the call, whether it’s incoming (green) or outgoing  (blue)
  • Date – the date of call
  • Time – the time of call
  • Extension – the extensions that has taken or made the call
  • User – the name of the User
  • DDI – the DDI number that received the call
  • Number\Caller ID – the number dialled or received (withheld numbers will not display any number)
  • Channel – the channel that the call has come on
  • Duration – the duration of the call
  • Call Tag – free text field
  • Flag – flag a call recording
  • Evaluation – evaluate a call recording
  • Play button – play the call recording

Once you click on the play button you will be presented with the call player: