4. Dashboards

The dashboard section allows users to display regularly used statistics on a single dashboard.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard allows users to collate live tiles together to be displayed on their own dashboard, providing up to date call information specific to their needs.

Each login role has their own dashboard and can use the ‘create new live tile’ option in the Reports Catalogue section to add custom tiles.  Users can also display other users’ live tiles on their dashboard. 

Once the tiles have been added to the dashboard the display can be locked using the Dashboard Status option on the left hand menu bar.

Any tile can easily be removed from the display by clicking the ‘x’ in the corner of the tile.  

To delete a live tile from the list, click the ‘no entry’ symbol next to the relevant tile in ‘My live tiles’.  It is not possible to delete another user’s live tile. 

The live tiles available to place on My Dashboard vary depending on the product version.