1. Set up and cancellation

Onboarding process

Customer NFON
Place an order with your NFON sales contact Processes the request and starts configuring the tenant within the CallRecording portal.
As soon as the tenant is created in the CallRecording portal, our support team will send you an email to inform you about the process. Licences will be set up in the CallRecording portal.
You will be notified about the finished set up via email. Use the data found in both emails to configure and manage agents, reports and dashboards in the CallRecording user portal.  


If you would like to change recording endpoints contact the NFON support to initiate the process. Call your sales contact person if you desire to change the supervisor or console licenses.

Cancellation process

Customer NFON
Request the cancellation of your CallRecording service with your sales contact. Processes the request and, if wanted, coordintates the transfer of your data to you.
As soon as the process is started, you receive an email notification about the cancellation with the need to fill out a written consent. Send this consent back to your sales contact. NFON will initate the permanent deletion of all recordings and cancel your service after transfering the data to you.
You will be notified about the finished cancellation.