2. General Conditions

  • At the moment only the G.711 codec is supported
  • Call recording is compatible with SRTP and will work with or without enabled encryption.
  • The customer can now configure the recording profile against any extension number (once the recording profile has been enabled for the K account by the NFON support). Extensions are automatically created in the recording portal as soon as a recording is received. If the customer deletes an extension in the recording portal, the recordings will no longer show in the portal, but won’t get deleted. Should the recording server receive a new recording for an extension that was deleted from the recording portal, the extension will get created again.
  • A call record starts as soon as the call is taken or initiated by the agent. The call recording stops as soon as the call ends. The recording can also be paused for PCI compliancy. Use *#0 to pause recording and *#1 to resumethe recording.
  • By default only a supervisor can listen to call recordings. At least one supervisor is necessary per customer. Enabling the agent to listen to own call recordings is possible and subject to additional fees. There are two types of supervisors (basic and enhanced). Both types cannot be mixed.