What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud Telephony FAQ

The advantages?

Cloudya the Cloud Telephone System from NFON uses the Internet to make and receive calls. You can access the telephony features anywhere you have an Internet connection: from the office, another site, home office or on the road using a smartphone or laptop. The system is flexible, scalable and simple to use. There are no long-term contracts and it has a low set up cost in comparison to traditional PBX systems.

What is the technology?

The technology behind the Cloud Telephone System is Hosted PBX or IP Centrex. Cloudya, the telephone system from NFON is not installed locally in your company, operating in highly secure external NFON data centres, reached by VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol) via the Internet. Relocations and expansions are simple, you save the cost and space of an on-site telephone system, and hardware phones can be used with other VoIP telephone systems,so the investment is not lost when switching providers.

How secure is NFON?

Short answer, very. Companies providing data have to trust their cloud provider. The NFON system itself is located at the NFON data centre – it has a resilient set up fail-over at geographically separated servers. All services are guaranteed and TÜV certified. If you’re a small to medium business, can you guarantee the high availability and security of data, including external mobile access, within your own data processing centres? NFON can.

Which provider?

These questions should be answered when choosing a cloud telephony provider: Does the selected system offer functions important for your system? Which IT systems should telecoms functionalities be integrated with? Is straightforward online maintenance sufficient? What Service Level Agreements (SLAs) does the provider offer? What are the security standards and where is the data stored? How well can integration with mobile devices be implemented?

Cloud telephony benefits

No initial payment

No initial outlay for hardware, and the service provider covers operation, maintenance and updates.

Flexible pricing

With the cloud solution, there are no long term service contracts, instead monthly costs are simply incurred on a pay-as-you go basis per user.

Guaranteed security

TÜV certified, guaranteed accessibility even in a power outage. Tap-proof call encryption.

Our Premium Solutions

Un viitor IP.

Nconnect Voice vă permite tranziția perfectă către comunicații IP flexibile, scalabile.

Centru de contact avansat.

Soluțiile de contact center pentru comunicarea profesională a clienților. Integrare rapidă, perfectă

Comunicații în hoteluri.

Comunicări de ultimă oră pentru industria ospitalității. Rationalizează procesele, reduce la minimum costurile.

Actualizați dispozitivele cu două fire.

Integrarea simplă a tehnologiei existente în comunicarea digitală inteligentă.

Servicii digitale de voce.

Înregistrare vocală digitală pentru viitor. Tehnologie germană, care respectă normele legale pentru înregistrare și stocare.

Colaborare puternică.

Sistemul de telefonie cloud NFON este compatibil Skype for Business - o platformă totală de comunicații.