Conditions referral program

Conditions of Participation

1. Participants

All NFON AG’s existing customers can take part in the “Customers recruit customers” programme. Employees of NFON AG and its affiliated companies as well as its members are excluded. Self-promotion, advertising through affiliated companies with existing customers and the commercial use of the “Customers recruit customers” programme is excluded. It is possible to recruit several new customers. Existing customers for the purposes of the “Customers recruit customers” programme are all business customers who as end customers are contracting parties for an NFON cloud telephony system.

2. Referral
The requirement for participation in this programme is the registration of a new customer via the online referral form by an existing customer. This form will send an email with the referral for the NFON AG websites to a potential new customer. The referrer may only use the form if the recipient agrees. The referrer must ensure the following:

The recipient of the referral agrees that they receive appropriate emails.

The recipient agrees that NFON AG will store their personal data in encrypted form.

The recipient agrees that the companies affiliated with NFON AG will store their personal data in encrypted form.

Failing this, the referrer is liable for any claims of third parties, which are asserted due to unrequested sending of the referral. In addition, the referrer will reimburse the costs incurred by third parties in this regard. The same applies if the referrer does business liable for a bonus by providing false facts or other forms of deception.

A participant receives a bonus if:

The recruited customer is a new customer and concludes a contract with NFON AG for the first time for an NFON Cloud Telephone System with five or more extensions. The contract will not be revoked or contested.

The email for customer referral must reach the new customer before they request to conclude a contract for an NFON Cloud Telephone System. The new customer must in turn specify the details of the referrer (name and email address) mentioned in this email in the contract request. It is not possible to add the referral later on. NFON AG decides whether a contract has been successfully concluded.

3. Bonus
Upon a successful referral, both the referrer and the new customer will receive a credit note of €100.00, which will be allocated after the third monthly bill of the new customer together with the invoice of the referrer or the new customer for their NFON Cloud Telephone System. There can be no claim for a cash payment of the credit note value. Any claim to the bonus cannot be transferred, offset or debited. NFON AG will contact the referrer via the email address provided in the “Customers recruit customers” programme regarding the conclusion of the contract with the new customer.

4. Miscellaneous
The judges’ decision is final. There is no legal claim to receive a bonus. By participating in the “Customers recruit customers” programme, the referring customer accepts these terms. The “Customers recruit customers” campaign cannot be combined with other promotions of NFON AG or its sales partners.