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Women in tech? Yes, of course!

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09. June 2021

8 Ways To Break Your Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is not new toady. We all face it, often subconscious. However, we should care about ourselves and take breaks for our physical and mental health. But how? In the following we show…

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The future workplace: How does it look like?

July 2021. This is the date that most executives believe will mark the return of at least half of the workforce to the office. This is according to a survey undertaken by PwC in early 2021, which…

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Unified Communications: Transforming your way of communication today

Our world is evolving as same as its technology does. Therefore, professionals are no longer limited to one specific workplace or tool. Nowadays, it is about sharing results, skills and observing new…

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Smart Working: The way to effective teamwork

The impact of smart working and how to increase employee productivity with communication and collaboration tools

Effective teamwork and collaboration play an important role in the age of…

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02. January 2021

8 Tips to Optimise Your Productivity on Remote Work and Home Office Days

Anyone who regularly works from home is very familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of working remotely. On the one hand, you enjoy free time management and more focussed work. On the other,…

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01. January 2021

4 Ways to Give Your Sales a Human Touch

Your customers have free access to product information and are able to get an overview of alternatives completely independently. They know their requirements in detail and choose the right option in…

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08. August 2018

How Startups Can Use Cloud Communications to Build Greenhouses for Growth

Having suffered during the economic crisis of 10 years ago, Spain is fast becoming one of the most popular locations for startup businesses. Foreign investors are flocking to set-up in Madrid,…

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28. March 2018

10 Strategies to Help You Overcome Digital Overload

We live in a connected world. But this new-found freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere, comes at a price called digital overload. The countless possibilities consume your time and energy, both at…

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