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18. August 2017

Digital Transformation – Are you ready? [Infographic]

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Building the Bridge to Digital Transformation

Working every day at the market leader in cloud telephony, it would be easy to occupy a kind of la-la-land insulated from the real world happening outside. It is a trap we intend to avoid.

Our goal…

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Communications as a Service: Are You Ready for What’s Next in Cloud Tech?

Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions have gained so much momentum in many European markets, that we can say now: Cloud services are the new norm. With more than 20 acquisitions over the past…

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Attracting and Retaining Talent: Why Organisations Must Actively Manage the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way in which we work and live, yet many commercial and public sector organisations are choosing to ignore or put off the changes needed to…

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Digital Transformation – Nurturing the Human Touch in a World of Smart Machines and AI

Do you keep on hearing how the use of technology made people lose their empathy and emotional intelligence and how how robots will steal all the jobs? To many, digital transformation is a synonym for…

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