Women in tech? Yes, of course!

When Justina started working at NFON as a Junior UI and UX developer she knew two things: She wanted to work in the tech industry, and she had acquired the skill to do a great job.

Fortunately, at NFON Justina started her career in an environment that welcomed her confidence and women in the tech industry in general. But that is not the case for every woman starting out in the tech industry. Many still face prejudice or have inhibitions to start out at IT and tech jobs because of the lack of female representation. But without women paving the way, there cannot be an increase of representation. We talked to Justina about her experience being a female developer at NFON:

“To be honest, I never experienced discrimination based on my gender while working at NFON. But of course, there are very few women working in the tech and IT sector in general, which keeps many young women from even trying to get into jobs revolving around tech and IT.”, the UI expert states. She continues: “But when looking back, I see an increase in the number of women working in IT jobs at NFON now in comparison to when I first started working here. This is a very pleasant development.”

The expert wishes that more women would find the courage to just go for it and start a career in tech. Especially, because only when the sight of women working in tech is not an exception anymore, prejudice will disappear.

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More women in tech and IT jobs will encourage more young girls to pursue their interest in technology.

Breaking with self-limiting belief systems

Women like Justina are paving the way and want more girls and women to join them – innovating and enriching the tech industry day by day. But to get there, women themselves have to change their perception, believes Justina: “The core problem is that many women themselves believe that IT or tech-based jobs are for men only. But this area of expertise is based on your intellect and therefore predestined for gender equality,“ she says and adds “because there is no difference between the intellect of men and women.”

Good on paper, bad at the jobs? No, thanks!

At NFON Justina met equal minds. She remembers being welcomed and encouraged as a woman in tech: “I remember loving the atmosphere and feeling right at home when I had my first interview at NFON. There were no biases or preconceptions towards me. Not even, when I told them I was an autodidact and taught myself how to code.”, Justina reports.

“My skills were tested and neither being a woman, nor a self-taught developer stood in my way of making a professional home for myself at NFON and meeting many great colleagues – men and women alike – who support me and are a true joy to work with!”

NFON – a professional home for those who never stop learning

At NFON, we understand that the IT sector is a fast-developing field of expertise and many of the best people working in it never stop learning. Life-long learning is an integral part to working in this industry. The intrinsic motivation to learn and teach yourself new skills is a job requirement for good developers. What really matters to us is how good you are at your job rather than on paper. We neither promote gender nor academic biases at NFON. What we are looking for is talent and what we strive for is nothing short of excellence – in women and men alike.