The digital workplace: 3 ways to digital wellbeing

Many things that are otherwise taken for granted are suddenly called into question in times of crisis. Unusual situations can be a serious threat to companies. But companies that are forced to break out of their usual work environment also have an exciting opportunity to adapt to the circumstances and establish new - better - ways of working.

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Challenges in the digital workplace

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how much our traditional working world has changed. With the rise of mobile working - even more so during the coronavirus pandemic - traditional office spaces have become less important.

The crisis has forced entire workforces to work from home, at least some of the time, and largely without loss of productivity. Some companies are now returning to a combination of office and home working.

A consistent work environment offers the solution

Companies need to create a consistent work environment. Employees need access to the right technology and the right tools, no matter where they log in from. Collaboration solutions are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, outdated processes are giving way to a new mentality that focuses on flexibility, efficiency and agility.

Digital wellbeing in the workplace

Clearly, the ability to work anywhere, anytime brings new problems. Suddenly, there is no longer a clear demarcation between home and work. Companies should therefore ask themselves how they can make the home office feel less secluded. The question is this:

How can we support employees while helping them achieve a better work-life balance?

3 Ways for digital wellbeing at work

1. Communication and collaboration

Ultimately, it's about better communication and collaboration, and simplifying tasks with more automation.

It is human nature to want security, but also a sense of achievement. A work environment that feels as "normal" as possible allows employees to complete their day-to-day tasks, manage projects, make progress and thus gives them the confidence to be in control of their situation.

Technology plays a key role here. It helps to stay engaged, in touch and creative. It encourages collaboration and provides open channels of communication. If employees are distributed locally, the focus simply shifts from the physical workplace to the appropriate workplace technology.

2. Solutions for continuous performance

Companies should choose solutions that provide fast, reliable, real-time processes. Regardless of the quality of the internet connection in the home office, a fallback function must be in place to ensure consistent performance.

Omni-channel platforms ensure smooth business communication. User-friendliness is an important prerequisite for the seamless introduction of new solutions.

3. Integrative tools

All this does not necessarily require heavy investment in the midst of a global crisis. Companies can get the most out of their existing infrastructure by relying on tools that integrate existing systems while adding value.

The 'new normal' in the digital workplace

At NFON, we've been building a foundation for the 'new normal' since 2007 with technologies that enable business from anywhere, anytime. We help companies work more economically and manage their cost-intensive internal resources more effectively. This is more important today than ever before.

NFON's solution for your digital workplace

Our solutions are designed for easy collaboration, even across distances. They allow virtual meetings and conferences; users can also easily communicate by phone when email and instant messaging aren't enough or internet bandwidth isn't sufficient.

In internal teams or with customers: With Cloudya, our cloud telephone system, companies can establish open communication channels.

In parallel with the increasing adoption of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, we have developed Nvoice for Microsoft Teams so that businesses can also integrate our powerful telephony features into their familiar Microsoft environment. In tandem, these two tools provide a seamless user experience - whether your employees are at home, in the office or on the road.

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