The future workplace: How does it look like?

The future workplace: How does it look like?

27. May 2021 NFON AG

July 2021. This is the date that most executives believe will mark the return of at least half of the workforce to the office. This is according to a survey undertaken by PwC in early 2021, which highlights the steady shift in thinking from ‘new normal’ to ‘next normal’ in business. Employees and employers alike are approaching the move back to the office with both optimism and trepidation. For some, it’s a return to a more comfortable way of working, to measurable outputs and visible engagement. For others, it’s a concern – the global pandemic is still a challenge and there are very real questions around safety in the workplace.

Learn in the following article more about key factors impacting the future workplace and how you can adapt those measures for your business.

How will emerging technologies influence the future workplace?

For the finance and accounting industry, these trends are shaping how companies approach employees and investments into reliable solutions and technologies. Even though the move back to the office is set to be slow and steady, it’s not going to be easy.

What do organisations need considering the future workplace?

  • Organisations have to map out clear strategies and invest into trusted digital solutions that will ensure their workforce remains connected and safe.
  • They need future office technology to manage their workloads across both home and office work environments.
  • They need systems in place that allow for a flexible and intelligent return to work, without compromising on productivity or engagement, or on compliance. This is particularly important to the finance and accounting sectors.


5 ways that office technology is changing the way we work

There are five key factors that have to be considered, today, so that organisations invest in the future workplace with the right office technology and strategy.

  1. Unpack exactly how the organisation plans to connect
    When the world worked from the office, the answer to this question was often a simple PBX telephone system intermixed with mobile devices and sporadic access to cloud applications.

    Now, when the world can work from anywhere, traditional communication solutions aren’t agile or elastic enough. You need one system, one platform and one ecosystem. This simplifies collaboration for employees and customers – a value-add from any perspective – and ensures always-on communication for the business. Consider investing into a cloud telephone system that provides connected telephony for agile and distributed workforces, globally.
  2. Invest into the right hardware
    Connectivity – across people, places and projects – is essential in the new world of work. And to connect, you need the right hardware to ensure that office systems are seamlessly interconnected and capable.

    To take advantage of cloud-based communication solutions like Cloudya, you will need to have a solid hardware solution that will not just improve your results but will future-proof your business. You can then work from anywhere, at any time, leveraging your hardware functionality to achieve optimum results.
  3. Focus on productivity and access to talent
    Skilled employees are increasingly difficult to find and retain, particularly in a seller’s market where skills are sought after on a global stage. Finance and accounting organisations are particularly struggling to find the right talent so, with intelligent and accessible collaboration and communication platforms in place, they can woo and work with talent anywhere, at any time.

    The future office opens the door to flexible ways of working, and it ensures that employees have access to tools that allow them to achieve the mandated levels of productivity. A productive workforce, particularly in uncertain times with limited visibility, is a pain point for many executives and must be addressed. Implement systems that help people to do their jobs properly; invest in tools that are easy to use and accessible and provide people with the training they need to leverage these technologies effectively. A cloud telephone system ticks every box the business needs to deliver extensive connectivity, collaboration and engagement tools in one, simple offering.
  4. Workplace safety
    The numbers allowed in tight spaces and close confines will likely be limited for some time, making it critical that companies provide clear operational boundaries that emphasise employee health and wellbeing.

    The most common strategy employed currently is to have a third of staff on site on alternate days, although this does vary dependent on industry. This means that employees in the office still need to collaborate with employees working offsite. Mandated social distancing regulations, compliance with government regulations, and accessible collaboration tools are critical to ensuring that a staggered approach to office working remains viable.
  5. Collaborative priority
    As the cross-functional, geographically dispersed and disconnected workforce becomes accepted as the next normal way of working, collaboration tools must be a priority. This is not just an investment intocloud platforms or systems that allow for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, but into hardware and telephony platforms that are designed to handle the pressures and complexities of workforce disparity
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How can your business embed flexibility and adaptability?

Cloudya, NFON’s premier cloud-based communications solution, is designed to keep employees connected and more productive no matter where they are and what device they’re using. One number, one inbox – this simple and accessible solution ensures productivity from anywhere. Easy to use, flexible and scalable, the solution puts the business wherever the people are.

So, even if the unexpected hits, the organisation and its people are prepared. With a trusted and reliable communication platform in place, your business is ready to do business, safely, in 2021.

To fully realise the potential of your business in a world defined by agile disruption and changing workplace requirements, technology – both hardware and software – can help you embed this agility from the ground up.

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