Retaining Our Focus on People and Driving Market Relevance is Core to the NFON Story

The NFON story revolves around a people-first business. We are a tremendous team whose skill and dedication are the driving forces behind our successful cloud telephony services. NFON people have always been prized for their attitude and abilities and, as we enter our second decade as a far larger and more mature market leader, we are determined not to lose sight of our core values.

The digitalisation of business is transforming the ICT sector, which in turn, presents a clear opportunity for NFON to achieve its next phase of growth. This means greater international expansion and more investment in our growing R&D, customer service, and sales and marketing operations. We know that we face stiff competition. And unlike a start-up in its growth phase, we cannot choose to ignore profit, break-even and long-term sustainable business models.

Looking back on 10 years of NFON growth, I believe the key to future success is to remain people-focused and to further solidify our relevance to partners, customers and end users. We have already proven our relevance to the business bottom line by saving millions of Euros for more than 15,000 customers! We have made cloud telephony relevant to organisations of all sizes – private and public sector alike – across Europe, supporting them in their migration to cloud services. Now we are pushing further and addressing the strategic IT and communications objectives of businesses around themes such as digital transformation, communications compliance, the customer experience, and communications as a service (CaaS).

This renewed market relevance is essential to the evolution of NFON from a telephony provider to a CaaS solutions provider. Our vision is being realised through a unique suite of cloud communications services that add significant value to our existing partners and customers, and help us gain more market share through the acquisition of new partners, customers and end users.

NFON partners are a vital extension of our people-first philosophy due to the unique value they contribute both individually and collectively. Attracted to our core CaaS proposition and ongoing commitment to complementary cloud services, we expect to see more companies joining the NFON partner programme across Europe. We are invested in the future of our partners, supporting them in making their offering more relevant and valuable to their customers, whilst keeping them motivated and profitable so that we can grow together.

We recently moved the headquarters of NFON to a larger 2,000 square metre office in Munich, and we plan to expand into more EU markets in 2017. Everywhere, people seem to value the quality, reliability and security of German-engineered products and services, but this does not mean we do not remember the significance of local experts in local markets.

On the contrary, our commitment to further European expansion and growth is predicated on the belief that the right people and partners, empowered with autonomy, will always deliver the biggest changes. Add the respect for cultural nuances and the willingness to address the unique requirements of local markets, and you have the foundations for long-term success.