More service quality despite home office

Success Story: InterEurope AG



­More service quality despite home office

Imagine being an international company faced with the challenge of moving your entire customer service department into home office, all while your call center is running hot with incoming calls. A logistical nightmare! And – in spring 2020 – a though reality for many businesses around the globe. Faced with the outbreak of Covid, companies that hadn’t yet switched to a web-based service solution had a harder time adapting than others.

InterEurope worked with NFON to swiftly switch their business to cloud technology. Since March 2020, the majority of InterEurope employees had worked from home, including the Claim Service Center and its team of 27 colleagues around team lead Marcel Weckermann. Thanks to the webbased call center solution Ncontactcenter from NFON, the company operating in eleven European countries, was able to switch to home office flexibly and unleash even more benefits of the new technology.

Increasing customer service frequency without compromising quality

Before the switch, customers who called about new or existing damage often had to wait in line. “To avoid this moving forward, we developed concepts to regulate the distribution of calls on
hold to the available teams,” remembers Marcel Weckermann, team leader of InterEurope's Claim Service Center. The solution: to integrate two additional expert teams into the service solution. In doing so, it was important to establish clear responsibilities for the three teams in their respective area of expertise, and to redirect calls accordingly. “As InterEurope was already using Cloudya by NFON for internal and external communication, it was not too far-fetched to extend the cloud telephony solution for our Claim Service Center with NFON’s web based Ncontactcenter and to have it adapted to our individual customer needs at InterEurope,” explains Marcel Weckermann.

Crisis-proof and suitable for home office

With access to a wide range of innovative functions via web browser, the Ncontactcenter proved its worth during the Corona crisis. “The call center solution enables our team to handle customer inquiries from their home offices via mini-clients, without this being visible to callers from outside, ” Marcel Weckermann reports content, For him, this flexibility of the NFON solutions is also reflected in the entire customer experience – from consulting to finding solution.