Market for cloud telephony: analysts see NFON in top position

The independent market research institute Frost & Sullivan certifies NFON top values for innovation and customer satisfaction in the current "Frost Radar

The market for cloud telephony has experienced an unprecedented upswing in recent years. Not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized companies in particular have long since recognised the advantages that telephony solutions from the cloud bring: more agility and greater adaptability to new requirements.

A key driver for increasing digitalisation in recent months has been the ongoing corona pandemic, and this across all industries. Many companies were forced to change their business model within a very short period of time and send a large proportion of their employees to the home office.

NFON as frontrunner in the market

One of the most important players in this market is NFON. Founded in 2007 and based in Munich, the company now has more than 350 employees and sells (directly and via around 2,500 partners) solutions such as Cloudya, the telephone system from the cloud, in 15 European countries.


In recent years, NFON has been able to increase its customer base by one third each year. NFON's strong position was also recently confirmed by the independent market research institute Frost & Sullivan in "Frost Radar", a comprehensive report on the European market for Hosted IP Telephony and UCAAS (Unified Communications as a Service).

High flexibility thanks to own platform

The analysts at Frost & Sullivan used various parameters to evaluate the individual suppliers in this market segment. A key factor here was the point "platform ownership".

All services offered by NFON are developed and managed in-house - a clear advantage over external white label solutions used by other providers. According to Frost & Sullivan, this enables NFON to offer customers flexible and cost-effective solutions. On the other hand, it also enables developers to react very quickly to new requirements from customers and the market in general and to adapt services accordingly.

As an example, the analysts cite the integration of Microsoft teams, which provides new and existing customers with extensive additional features. But also the large number of APIs, the integration of CRM systems and other vertical applications are responsible for the success of NFON, according to the market researchers.

Customer satisfaction first and foremost

Frost & Sullivan also draws a positive picture of the company for the future. NFON has consistently scored well above average in various annual customer satisfaction surveys. The resulting high level of user loyalty leads the analysts to expect similarly strong customer growth in the coming years. According to Frost & Sullivan, the high level of user satisfaction is primarily due to the broad base of sales partners. Through these, NFON has a very good and direct line to its customers and can implement wishes faster than many competitors.


NFON as top player in the market for cloud telephony

Overall, Frost & Sullivan sees NFON as one of the most important companies in the European market for cloud telephony - today and for the coming years.

According to the analysts, the 3 main reasons for this are:

  1. The high innovative strength of the developers
  2. Coupled with a platform developed entirely in-house
  3. The very close relationship with each individual customer for many years, whether large corporation, medium-sized company or small business.

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