Introducing Cloudya, the Cloud Telephone System from NFON

The acid test for great technology is when it feels invisible. From the internal combustion engine to the mobile internet, great technologies never get in the way of what you want to do. They never ask too much of their owner, other than to be used.

You can trust them to work, without giving it a second thought. And they deliver benefits that transform the way you live and work. Great technologies give you freedom.

Freedom is our vision for business communications and, after more than a decade of continual technology development, it is one we are enabling with Cloudya – the cloud telephone system from NFON.

Cloudya is the culmination of our market leadership in cloud communications, and its design has been led by the three critical requirements of technology shared by all organisations and their users:

  1. Is it easy to use, manage and support?
  2. Is it truly independent of location and device?
  3. Is it reliable, high quality and secure?

Our answer, with Cloudya, is YES, YES, YES! We believe these capabilities are fundamental to the success of business in the digital world.

Making communications easy for employees and admins

Simplicity is so straightforward to promise, yet so difficult to deliver. With each new productivity-enhancing capability, it seems users everywhere have amassed extra phone numbers, inboxes and communications tools. This breeds complexity and confusion, slowing down processes and leaving gaps for important messages and calls to be missed. A classic case of technology getting in the way. According to 2018 research conducted by Gatehouse, 61 percent of organisations say technology is a barrier to successful internal communication.

Cloudya provides an easier way to stay in touch – a single phone number and inbox for every employee, accessed by a single secure login. And with Cloudya’s intuitive user interface, it’s easy to control how you want to be reached (office, home or mobile), see the availability of colleagues, prioritise calls and set up conferences.

Admins and managers also benefit from Cloudya’s ease of use, substantially reducing the time spent deploying and maintaining complex infrastructure. Cloudya enables fast plug-and-play deployment and configuration from anywhere – no more travelling between sites to support users. Cloudya also features zero-touch hardware provisioning, which means rolling out new users and their devices without manual intervention.

Enabling communications independent of device and location

Do your existing communications make it hard to reach employees when they are out of the office? If so, you could be annoying your customers and slowing down business processes unnecessarily.

Cloudya enables joined-up communications so that employees can use their phones, mobile devices or web browsers to stay in touch from the office, at home or on the move. It’s the ultimate in independence! Cloudya also lets you connect new remote workers quickly and simply, with no extra hardware. Employees can access enterprise-class communications features from any Android, iOS, macOS or Windows device using broadband, Wi-Fi, 4G or even cellular voice networks.

Cloud Telephone System from NFON

This is really important, particularly as more and more studies highlight the productivity gains of allowing staff to work remotely. Research by CanadaLife Group found remote workers regard themselves as more productive than office-based colleagues (7.7/10 versus 6.5/10), and also take almost half as much sick leave.

Ensuring reliable uptime of critical business communications

Leveraging new technologies and the cloud delivers digital transformation for organisations. However, these benefits are severely restricted without safeguards that ensure reliability of critical communications services.

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is EUR €4,880 (USD $5,600) per minute. Just imagine what a few hours of having no phone system could cost your business.

cloudya benefits, Cloud Telephone System from NFON

We know that legacy phone systems need costly maintenance to stay on track, or risk interrupting operations and impacting your revenues. Cloudya is built on fully-redundant architecture, which means that services can keep running even during a system failure. Together with 24/7 technical support and automatic software updates, Cloudya’s resilience inspires confidence to expand your business and pursue new opportunities.

Communications without limits

Whether you are a business owner, manager or user, you have the right to expect communications that are reliable, easy to use and independent of your location, device or network.

Cloudya delivers even more freedom of communications for your business. She won’t hold you back – in fact you won’t even notice she’s there. Adopt her and watch her become invisible.

Learn how Cloudya can free your business communications – we’re excited to introduce you!