How Will AI Impact Communication in the Workplace?

In recent years, engineers and computer scientists have taken massive strides in the advancement of technology. New applications and services simplify personal and professional tasks in the workplace. AI is present in all aspects of life: When you ask Siri or Alexa to set an alarm for you, use Google Maps for directions, or play what’s suggested to you by Spotify, you are using artificial intelligence.

With social media, AI is omnipresent as it is a core component of the algorithms of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. From self-driving cars that take you wherever you want to go with the push of a button to computers that see images in order to recommend similar pins to a Pinterest user, AI is everywhere.

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However, many remain skeptical of smart machines. Yet we are realising that AI – rather than threatening humans – can enhance and extend our capabilities. So how exactly can AI benefit you and your organisation in the new world of work?

Is AI Taking Over the Business World?

Today, communication is the most influential factor in idea creation and productivity. Although AI appears most commonly when dealing with communication between businesses and consumers, it also transforms communication within the workplace.

In 2018, 61 percent of businesses are already using AI, and this number will absolutely increase with time. With scientific methods such as machine learning, AI is gaining intelligence, with applications from finance, to sales and procurement, and to production.

Artificial intelligence is already hyper present across the globe. AI specialises in areas such as room detection and deterring security intrusions along with reducing project management work by automating it. And arguably one of the most important areas, AI simplifies workplace communication.

So What Can AI Do for You?
1. AI Can Maximise Effective Communication

AI fosters strong workplace communication. Using various analytics, AI can indicate the success rate of presentations and anticipate the types of interaction that are most suitable for your target audience. A diagnostic evaluation of your presentation skills can help you see your areas of strength and and weakness, and measuring individual factors such as your team’s response to the presentation content, style and length optimizes your method of transmitting information. The feedback you receive from these AI programs encourages an understanding of what techniques resonate with your audience, leading to more personalized and targeted communication in the workplace.

AI also for consistency when vocalizing ideas. Through its feedback, you are able to maintain an invariably strong connection with your audience, which helps to enforce the content of your presentations. 93 percent of our communication is nonverbal, and unlike us humans, AI catches every single subtle cue and response in order to precisely evaluate which presentation methods work best with an audience. This enables a deeper connection between project managers and their team, allowing for a more productive environment.

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2. AI Can Maximise Efficiency

Artificial intelligence does and will continue to increase workplace efficiency. Using AI to complete basic, time-consuming tasks, such as data analysis and evaluation, let’s teams focus on greater depth, such as driving new idea conception.

Chat bots are a useful device that optimise interpersonal contact, simplify the communication process between team members to create a more successful working environment, and leave team members more time to engage in critical thinking.

The main idea in any application of AI is that rather than replacing us, it maximises our level of productivity and enables us to share and transform ideas in a more efficient manner. Instead of replacing our own thinking, it takes care of smaller tasks to make way for us to think big!

3. AI Can Maximise Innovation

AI promotes the rapid development of our existing knowledge, pushing the boundaries of current workplace productivity. The collaboration between human and machine presents a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking, a combination that maximises intellectual discussion. The systematic approach to more abstract ideas suggests an interdisciplinary method that combines scientific and artistic mindsets, opening the doors to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Google’s Director of Engineering Ray Kurzweil brings up the idea of nanobots that enter your bloodstream and connect your brain with an artificial one, turning your own mind into a search engine – with the blink of an eye you can think yourself into the cloud or search for information online. And this reality may be less than 30 years away. It is these ideas that give us a glimpse into the exciting future of our world.

Moreover, AI expands the capabilities of the human mind by providing alternative insight into new concepts. Concepts such as digital-breathing where AI will analyse living networks and report on exact insights, real-time updates (up to the minute) and trend assessments, create a path for constant innovation.

The Future of Communications: Humans AND Machines

To  keep up with the competitive world we live in, we must keep up with AI. As AI becomes increasingly accessible and is integrated into the workplace, it will continue to impact communication and communications.

The key thing to keep in mind is that despite all of the capabilities of AI, we are still in control. Whilst AI helps to mitigate our weaknesses and supplement our work, the technology also mirrors the quality of our human input..

New softwares optimise our own rate of production, rather than taking over. Unlike what many AI sceptics may believe, it is not rendering humans obsolete. We must achieve a balance between human and artificial intelligence to reach our full potential. Rather than fear AI, the practical and rational approach would be to embrace it.

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