How the Agility of NFON Drives Our Rapid Growth in Cloud Communications Services

We are delighted with the development of NFON AG over the past ten years. TEN YEARS! Half an eternity if you measure it by the rapid pace with which the market for cloud services has developed. We completed our last financial year with a 44 percent increase in sales, which is a huge success and also a significant benchmark for the future growth of NFON – we want to continue to grow quickly in the double-digit percentage range. 

Our CEO Hans Szymanski recently revealed growth plans and our ambition of 39 percent for 2017.

Digital Transformation Drives the Cloud Services Market

Solid business growth is the result of a clever and well-functioning strategy. We have carefully considered how to shape the future of NFON so that we can remain a successful market-leading, cloud services provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) in the long run. The market for cloud communications services is moving like never before. There is hardly any organisation, regardless of size or industry affiliation which is not concerned about digital transformation. The digitalisation of communications, and the associated business processes, is driving the cloud services market to new heights – new cloud service providers are literally springing up like mushrooms! As a cloud communications services provider with 10 years of solid experience, it is critical that we carefully – and regularly – consider our strategic decisions in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

Partners are Our Number 1 Success Factor

The foundation of our success lies in our more than 1,000 sales and service partners across our 12 European markets. NFON can only be as successful as our partners are: Simply increasing the sheer number of partners is not a relevant goal for us. On the contrary, we focus on making every single partner successful by evaluating and improving the quality of our cooperation – every day! For this reason, we have built up a comprehensive partner readiness programme for us and our partners to align ourselves as closely as possible to customer and market needs.

Proactive Communication to Forecast Market Trends and Customer Needs

The continuous exchange of information across different communications platforms is the most effective way to try to understand and forecast the future wants and needs of our customers, which we believe will lead to the expansion of NFON and our partners’ market leadership in cloud communications services. This includes our live webcast series, Partner Box, where our partners exchange with us on a technical level, and the Partner Board, where our partners and our developers discuss optimal end-customer features for our flagship service, NFON Cloud Telephone System. Our Partner Board is a unique, hybrid exchange which combines the voice of our partners with the voice of the customer.

Fuelling Partner Success in the Market

To fuel our joint sales success, we continually focus on and invest in the development of our partner model. When our existing models do not meet market and customer needs, we look into better, stronger alternatives. The most recent example is our wholesale approach, which we recently announced with our first consulting partner, T-Systems. IT consultancies such as T-Systems have long-standing technology expertise which they use to advise their customers on complex topics such as digital transformation.

Voice as a means of communication is no longer a medium of its own, rather it is a digital application in our future of all IP. IT experts such as T-Systems integrate the NFON Cloud Telephone System and offer it as part of a comprehensive cloud solution for collaboration and communication.

Modular Services for Unique Customer Expectations

We try to transfer the flexibility of our cloud communications services seamlessly into our sales approach. The NFON Cloud Telephone System is a scalable solution for cloud communications that can meet every customer need, from the first to the 10,000th extension. And to further cater to our customers, we recently brought three solutions to the European market.

Ncontactcenter for contact centers and helpdesks in mid-sized companies; Neorecording for legally-compliant voice recordings across the financial services industry; and Ndaks Eco 100 for seamless IP communications across two-wire devices in scenarios such as manufacturing, education, and facilities management. With these vertical, modular solutions, our partners can better fulfil customer expectations, increasing sales success and growing market share. And this will be our formula for success for the next ten years: A modular CaaS offer combined with a modular sales and partner, and customer and market strategy.

The Bottom Line: The extraordinary growth of NFON AG would simply not be possible without intensive, and dedicated, communication and cooperation with our partners. In this 10th anniversary year, we are looking forward to a record result in which our partners and the NFON team are richly collaborating. Whilst cloud communications services make up our offering, people are our business!

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