Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure – 3 Reasons Why Startups Love Cloud Telephone Services

Several years ago, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman published a groundbreaking opinion piece that introduced the concept of the “do-it-yourself economy”. Back then, Friedman predicted that cloud technology would eventually enable entrepreneurs to implement business models almost instantly. He suggested that access to cloud-based services created a new way of doing business that enabled the execution of innovative ideas right away. Friedman turned out to be right.

Europe’s race for startup innovation is on: Cities like Barcelona, Berlin, London and Paris have developed into thriving startup hubs where entrepreneurs pursue edgy new business concepts. To succeed, most startups aim to develop open company cultures where innovation happens every day and people can collaborate in real time — across any channel. As cloud services are scalable by design, require no upfront investment and foster collaboration, they help young companies grow fast and stay agile. 

1. No upfront investment

With cloud services, businesses don’t have to make expensive initial investments. Cloud service providers carry upfront investments whilst businesses using the services only pay a monthly subscription fee per user, which includes service, maintenance, and free-of-charge upgrades. For those who run on-premise telephone and communications systems, they bear all investment and operational costs themselves. And in times of slow business, cost-cutting measures can sometimes lead to a loss of timely maintenance and, in the worst cases, to serious business risks if necessary investments are dialed back or not made at all.

Cloud telephone services like NFON support built-in carrier-grade security and availability which a single startup can rarely implement on their own. All associated costs are included in the monthly subscription fee and contracts can usually be terminated on a monthly basis, offering maximum flexibility.

2. Fast, out of-the-box connection

The best communications solution is the one that’s simple to use and ideally, has been put to the test hundreds of times. Startups don’t have time to experiment with their own tech infrastructure – it simply has to work out-of-the-box. Whilst IT and communications can be a valuable commodity, they can also pose a serious problem if they take too long to deploy.

Cloud services are available for nearly every requirement — startups can concentrate on their business right from the start and not spend time setting up their underlying ICT infrastructure. Skip cumbersome integration work and long deployment times, and simply forget about maintenance. All you need is an internet connection and it just…works from the very first minute.

3. Service that scales

Startup businesses can skyrocket, have phases of stagnation, and sometimes even shrink. Regardless of which stage your startup is in, cloud services scale – up and down – with the development of the business.

Non-cloud services are typically static and never really meet the changing requirements of startups: In phases of growth, adding new users often takes too long and when downsizing, it can be difficult to decrease costs. Cloud services are the opposite as, thanks to flexible subscriptions, users can be added or removed on the click of a button, literally.

The bottom line

Whether a startup or growth company – cloud telephone services adapt flexibly to an organisation’s requirements and scale up or down with the business. Cloud solutions are proven and mature, used by organisations from startups to enterprises. They’re easy to use and spare companies from having to embark on expensive tech adventures. Tedious integration and maintenance are a thing of the past, and the highest carrier-grade security and availability are even affordable for smaller organisations – all at a lower overall cost.

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