Building the Bridge to Digital Transformation

Working every day at the market leader in cloud telephony, it would be easy to occupy a kind of la-la-land insulated from the real world happening outside. It is a trap we intend to avoid.

Our goal is to help organisations on their journey to cloud-driven unified communications and collaboration by building a bridge to digital transformation. We’re used to business people who are ready to make that change, launch their transformation mission and enjoy the benefits. But what about those who aren’t yet ready to make the change?

It’s an important question because almost 90 percent of organisations in Europe still have on-premise PBXs. The tide is turning, of course, yet slower than you might expect. Sunken CAPEX and long-term maintenance contracts are just two reasons why some can’t make the move even though they want to. According to analysts at MZA, in 2021 the figure in Europe will remain stubbornly high at around 81 percent. Even though we continue to outpace a cloud telephony market growing at 30 percent a year, it could be a decade until this approach to business communications becomes the accepted norm.

Our solution is to extend a helping hand and create a bridge to all-IP. In doing so we leave no company behind, enabling each to progress at their own pace, rather than hurrying them to leap too great a distance. Concerned by seismic business change, but equally worried about impending ISDN shutdown? We can reconcile both.

NFON SIP Trunk is the platform for migrating to NFON Cloud Telephone System rather than making the straight switch. The cost saving, flexibility and mobility benefits are immediate, and the risks are practically non-existent. Hardly surprising then that partners and customers alike are extremely excited about this new development.

The beauty of NFON SIP Trunk is how it shoots for the same goal as our core cloud telephony proposition. Yet unlike cloud telephony’s ‘big bang’ event that sees digital transformation happen in an instant, NFON SIP Trunk is the catalyst for a more gradual change. It’s the same all-IP evolution, however now you get to choose when and how fast to evolve. Partial, staged evolutions, perhaps by site or application to prove the concept and business case internally, are likely to become hallmarks of this macro-level migration of every organisation to the Promised Land of all IP.

The other advantage of NFON SIP Trunk is the consistency of service and seamless migrations you can achieve through our expertise. What I mean is, the same quality, security, management and track record as for the market-leading NFON Cloud Telephone System.  Plus, no other SIP trunk provider has coverage in 13 countries.

NFON SIP Trunk is building a bridge to digital transformation. It’s part of a package of new measures that sees NFON rollout our long-term strategy for the next five years of growth. We don’t just want to consolidate our market leadership; we want to accelerate it. Key to this is accessing the largest possible addressable market with a portfolio of NFON solutions that extend our customer relevance and bring the benefits of all IP to all.

The question is – are you coming with us?