Building Our Cloud Services Community with Strong Partner Readiness

When I took up responsibility for partner communications and channel marketing as a senior marketing manager two years ago, I was given the responsibility to help build our partner readiness programme. Now, I am proud to say that our Partner Readiness programme is core to the NFON success story! Without close collaboration with our partners, growth rates of over 40 percent would not have been imaginable. In his recent blog post, our CEO Hans Szymanski reminded us of how valuable every NFON partner is in our community.

So what does this collaboration between NFON and our partners look like from day to day? Let’s take a deeper look into our partner readiness programme to see what makes our partner community so successful.

Nurturing the Foundation of Our Partner Community

More than 500 partners across Europe have joined our community, from classic telecommunication providers who are expanding their portfolio with cloud communication services, to IT vendors and system integrators who are innovative CaaS (Communications as a Service) providers in the market — and our team must ensure they are all ready for selling NFON services into their markets.

Open and respectful interaction with one another, and the continuous exchange of information and experiences, are at the root of our relationships with partners. In Germany where NFON has its headquarters, we recently launched a forum with our Partner Board, which enables our partners to directly influence the development of the NFON Cloud Telephone System. This is just one of the many initiatives we have successfully established in collaboration with our partner community.

Planting the Seeds of a Successful Partner Readiness Relationship

Our unique positioning as a CaaS provider has helped us become a European market leader in cloud telephony and communications. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our unwavering focus on cloud communications services and our commitment to successful collaboration with our partners, which means we must deliver a strong partner readiness programme.

At NFON, each partner begins the partner readiness journey with a two-day Technical Certification where they are trained on the core features and functions of the NFON Cloud Telephone System and get hands-on experience with the system. For partners whose strengths primarily lay in technical implementation, we offer an optional Sales Training to support them in getting their commercial side up and running. After these initial partner onboardings, we regularly communicate with our partners to learn from each other, so that we can provide the best readiness and support to them on an ongoing basis.

Since our formation, we have experienced dynamic development at NFON, and our partner readiness programme has evolved as well. Throughout all of our readiness initiatives, we openly listen and actively communicate, striving to meet the needs of our partners and ready them for success.

Growing Partner Readiness through Engagement and Knowledge Transfer

Particularly in times when many organisations are making the switch to cloud services and ultimately to digital transformation, we believe our partner readiness programme creates tremendous confidence and trust. That is ultimately what we want to achieve together with our partners: To inspire customers to use CaaS and to contribute to the successful digital transformation of their workplaces.

  • Partner Portal – The partner portal is the central platform through which we and our partners communicate. It is the first point of contact for all information about NFON and the NFON Cloud Telephone System. The portal includes CRM functions as well as comprehensive sales and marketing information and assets.
  • Partner Box – Our bi-monthly partner box is a live webcast in which our partners receive the latest news and announcements, sales and offer updates, and engage in direct dialogue with NFON subject matter experts in technical and commercial deep dives.
  • Partner Newsletter – In our monthly partner newsletter, we regularly inform our partners about topics around areas such as products, corporate news, and events and trends in CaaS and digital transformation.
  • Regional Partner Events – Our regional events are held twice per year in and provide partners with the opportunity to meet and discuss first-hand information face-to-face with one another and with NFON subject matter experts.
  • Annual Partner Event – At this one-day event in Munich, our management team presents the next fiscal year NFON solution strategy, and we celebrate our joint success with partners at a beautiful location with local food and entertainment.

The bottom line:

The NFON Partner Readiness programme is an impressive success story unto itself and a fundamental component of NFON success. With growth rates in the double-digit percentage range, we are expanding our partner community, ensuring they are also successful by offering a reliable, robust readiness programme. We rely on direct communication and transparency in our readiness collaboration, which is appreciated by more than 500 of our partners. Together, we can be successful in cloud communications, digitally transforming our customers and their workplaces in the years to come.

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