Backend Developer Emídio on growth mindset & team spirit at NFON

In light of the digital transformation talented IT and digital experts are highly sought after. But what does it take to create a working environment where talent can thrive and come up with innovative ideas? We talked to Reginaldo Emídio de Jesus Neto, Backend Developer, about his experience working for NFON at the Lisbon Tech Hub.


Getting started at NFON

Emidio started to work at NFON in spring 2021 after a very streamline application process. “A recruiter reached out to me on LinkedIn and the whole process took only one and a half weeks”, he recalls. After a first HR screening to get to know the company and the specifics of the open role, Emidio was given a coding challenge and was offered a position shortly after. “After I had sent my solution, we scheduled a technical interview with the Director of Research and Development at NFON. And after a few days I received the job offer”, remembers the tech talent.

Today, Emidio is part of an agile scrum development team at NFON’s Tech Hub in Lisbon, Portugal and especially enjoys having diverse tasks and working in teams. “Besides coding, ​ I work on improving communication, identifying impediments, and discuss findings, suggestions, and solutions with my colleagues to improve our digital products and the way we work”, Emidio sums up his day-to-day work as a backend developer.

Team spirit and helpfulness

This close collaboration with teammates and an atmosphere that leaves room to grow and allows for innovative thinking, is what Emidio finds most motivating in his new workplace at NFON. “It is a very positive and uplifting environment to work at”, he says. “That obviously has a positive effect on our work as well”.

Apart from that, Emidio especially values the team spirit and what he describes as a sincere comradery at NFON: “All Team members are happy to assist one another whenever someone needs a helping hand. I think that is rare and special about the Lisbon Tech Hub. We truly live team spirit every day”. A perfect atmosphere for innovative ideas, as Emidio sums it up.

A workplace to thrive at

But what makes for an innovative workplace, one to thrive in? For Emidio, there are a few key factors that make or break the atmosphere of a workplace when it comes to creative and innovative thinking: “At NFON, I’ve noticed that innovation is always encouraged. Along with trying out new ideas and processes”. In Emidio’s eyes, experimenting is essential to know whether an idea is feasible or not. “Having the freedom to do test runs and prototyping is crucial for successful innovation”, he says.

Coinciding with a mentality that promotes innovations, continuous investment in staff training is something Emidio values at NFON. “In the long run it’ll always pay off to enhance inhouse expertise and the quality of products and services”, he says and adds: “But it’s not only that, it simply feels good to know, that your employer is interested in your development and is giving you access to the resources you need in order to sharpen your skills or learn new ones. I think because of that, employees at NFON feel truly appreciated and that goes a long way”.

Career Choice Developer

After all, to grow and to make a change was part of the reason why Emidio pursued to become a developer in the first place: “I became a backend developer because I always felt interested in logic, technology, digitalization and how things work. But secondly, I also thought it to be a great opportunity to help people by making their lives easier and solving their problems. These two things make my work extremely rewarding”.

For Emidio, it is important to stress that coding is not a socially isolated field of work. Quite the opposite – for him it takes empathy to do a good job. ”Putting oneself in a customer’s shoes is an important skill for a developer to program useful and intuitive software and tools”, he explains. “In my opinion, the most important characteristics of a software engineer are teamwork, adaptability, a positive attitude, curiosity and a love of learning and sharing ideas and solutions with others”.

Thoughts on digitalization in upcoming years

Skills that will continue to be essential in the future, thinks Emidio. In his eyes, cloud-based solutions will become more and more important for our work life in the future – as already seen today. “Many companies are operating from different locations and now, due to the pandemic, the demand for cloud-based solutions is evermore increasing”, the tech talent explains. “That is why we need to continue to grow and learn so we can provide the service our clients need today and in the future”.

Looking ahead, ten years into the future, Emidio sees the usage of technologies such as AI and natural language processing accelerating. In his eyes, the adoption of conversational AI as the first line of service in contact centers will help to manage greater volumes of customers requests, with more ease and an overall better and personalized customer experience. “I am excited to see, whether conversational AI will come to the point where people will mistake it for a real customer service employee”, he says. “I think developments like this will make our lives much easier but at the same time, they should never replace real customer contact. The focus should always lie on “men and machine” and not “men versus machine”.