3 Ways How Machines Make Us More Human and Improve Our Communication

Any fan of the dystopian Netflix series Black Mirror will know how exciting the symbiotic relationship between man and machine can be. One big open question is how artificial intelligence and machine learning will affect the world of work.

However, as tech optimists we are convinced that you can productively use digital innovations today. It’s not us humans that serve machines, but rather we use them to communicate more humanly and effectively – let’s look at three examples. 

1. Artificial Intelligence Becomes Your Voice Trainer

Your dream of a perfect sales pitch could soon come true. Machines and new solutions based on artificial intelligence record what you say during a phone call, with a special focus on how you say it. Natural Language Processing (NLP) detects your volume, pitch, pauses, words, phrases and your speech rate.

The scenario:

Imagine you have a conversation partner who is always at your side during phone calls and analyses your conversational behaviour without ever interrupting you. It is only at the end of your conversation that your little helper gently taps you on the shoulder to give you very specific recommendations, which you can then use to improve your dialogue management step by step.

The innovation:

What at first glance seems a bit spooky is actually an exciting combination of algorithms, big data and the latest findings in communication theory. This way, artificial intelligence will not replace personal conversations by telephone, but rather support you in your role as a human being in becoming a better conversation partner. Automated feedback after every conversation is invaluable, especially for sales jobs where your demeanour and negotiation skills are crucial for every telephone call.

How you can use it:

The technology for recording and analysing your conversations is already up and running. For example, the AI startup i2x is working on a solution that is compatible with cloud telephone systems. It detects all incoming and outgoing calls, records them and analyses them. At the end of your conversation, you’ll receive automated feedback that will make your future conversations even more effective.

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2. Machine Learning Turns You Into A Call Center Superhero

Your customers love personal contact. Despite the plethora of new digital channels like social media, chatbots and online self-help, human-to-human interaction such as customer care via contact centers remains the most popular option.

However, your customers’ questions are more complex than they used to be and there is an increasing demand to receive quick answers – how can you keep pace as a call center employee?

The scenario:

More than 30 customers call you daily with questions about your company’s products, their order, or an invoice The melange of topics is growing and so is the challenge for you to be able to answer customer inquiries efficiently. The good news: Machine learning supports you and prepares suitable answers on your behalf.

The innovation:

Machine learning assists you operationally and automatically works out the ideal answer to every single one of your customer inquiries. As virtual members of the contact center team, machines analyse inbound customer inquiries and make suggestions on how to answer.


As a contact center employee, you can kill two birds with one stone: Provide quick and competent answers to customer inquiries and ensure human-to-human communication with your customers in a personal and individual way.

How you can use it:

The new technology has nothing to do with traditional knowledge databases used by many call centers. Machine learning is a dynamic learning process and provides the solution that supports you in your job and continuously gets better over time: Machines listen to inquiries, analyse, learn and constantly update the catalogue of perfected answers.

Providers such as DigitalGenius and parlamind already offer exciting solutions that help you shorten the average time it takes to process inquiries and that enable you to play to your human strengths: empathy and emotional intelligence.

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3. Become A Power Networker With Virtual Assistants

The average internet user has seven social media accounts. Multiplied by the number of your connections per account, this results in a network of hundreds of contacts – and that doesn’t even include your personal telephone book and your contacts in the CRM system at your workplace.

However, natural human networks can only handle around 150 people. So, how can you communicate effectively in a continuously growing network?

The scenario:

Without networking, nothing would work in today’s working world. Let’s take a sales example: In the B2B environment, you need an average of 18 calls to build a relationship with a new customer.

Virtual assistants that work with intelligent algorithms will find the optimum time for you to make contact with a customer and will remind you when to call. This way, you don’t have to manually maintain contact lists and will become a more efficient networker.

The innovation:

Intelligent software solutions help you to improve your communication in your contact network. You monitor all your interactions and use artificial intelligence to determine the right time to contact the customer.

Even with a growing number of contacts, you stay on top of things and can fully devote yourself to networking, relationship building and human-to-human communication.

How you can use it:

Smart CRM solutions such as Nimble and Salesforce automatically gain a 360-degree view of your contact network and help you to develop the best possible communication tactics. Furthermore, LinkedIn is also investing massively in artificial intelligence to improve the quality of new contacts.

Manually building new relationships based on the company name, qualifications or group membership could soon be a thing of the past – and you will spend less time on time-consuming searches and will be able to focus entirely on fostering personal relationships with the help of intelligent machines.

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