Release Notes July 14, 2021


Created better fallback name resolution for telephony devices for which no entries yet exist

Enabled prefix based matching for a call forwarding rule of the extension, e.g. for incoming calls starting with +44 or +4989

Enabled the user to show the login page in a specific language

Ensured that the tooltip shows the complete audio device name if the device field is too small

Improved support for EPOS/Sennheiser headsets (except SDW type series)

Reduced the load on the client and backend such that the client will connect to the new conference event-stream only on demand

When creating a function key, now the extension name is prefilled

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug with call waiting indications; now call waiting indications work immediately, without having to reload the app

Fixed an issue; the ap now prevents in an edge case that calls are made that are supposed to fail

Prevented the suggestion of unwanted translations by the Google Chrome translate plugin

Fixed an issue with screen sharing: Screen sharing also works for users of the Desktop App clients